Honey Baked Salmon

This quick low-calorie salmon recipe will solve your “what’s for dinner” problem once and for all! Sweet and nutritious this dish is ready in just 15 minutes.

What Do My Food Cravings Mean?

We have all experienced food cravings maybe more than a few times over a week. But what exactly is that and when should we pay more attention in what our body is telling us? In order to try and understand what food cravings may really mean, we have to categorize each emotion in order to […]

Why do we crave sugar after a meal?

Why do we crave sugar after a meal?  It often seems strange that, even though we have already consumed a full, hearty meal, yet we are still looking for sugar in all its forms. How often do you get the craving for dessert, immediately after a hearty meal? Is it normal to feel that way […]