How To Lose The “Quarantine” Weight Effectively

If you want to lose the quarantine weight fast, it is important to understand that the first 2-3 kilos may be lost in a short time after you start paying attention to your diet, but in order to continue having positive and healthy results, you should try to focus on a balanced diet that will improve your metabolism, body composition and your overall well-being in a realistic and sustainable way.

What happens to our body when we «cut down» the carbs?

There are many people who completely reject carbs from their daily diet. Pasta and bread are no longer a part of their meals and every other food has to have the least possible carb concentration. This low carb diet has to reject cereals, oatmeal and many other starchy foods. Let’s take a look at what […]

How to Lose Weight After the Summer Holidays

One of the hardest times of the year is without a doubt the time right after the holidays. As you are having fun with your loved ones, you do not care about food options and it is only fair that your healthy eating patterns are ignored, if not forgotten. However, when we get back from […]

Busy But Healthy: Meet Sofia Lush, a super-woman who changed her life

1.What’s your story? As a teenager I was at normal weight, around 65 kg.  Living in the UK and not eating the healthiest I could, I started gaining weight and then I found myself being overweight at 18. Very soon I got married and when the first child came, I was already 15 kilos above […]

Matcha: Is it really that good for you?

Matcha Green Tea is a high quality unique type of green tea in powder form. Why unique? It’s cultivated only in Japan, at Uji Kyoto and Nishio. When consuming matcha green tea in powder form, you actually consume the entire leaf achieving the absorption of 100% of it nutrients.

You haven’t lost the desired amount of weight? Don’t be discouraged

Sometimes it is common to be affected by various disappointments that we experience in our lives. Those are the moments that we are more vulnerable than ever and usually succumb to negativity. However, when we are on a diet, it is too often that negative thoughts may significantly affect our commitment to our diet. If […]

Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight?

Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight? You are careful with your diet, you exercise often, you do not succumb to dietary temptations and yet your weight increases? You may find it strange at first, but stress is an extremely important factor in weight regulation. Therefore you should wonder whether this period of […]