The 10 most healthy alcoholic drinks to party on

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Even if summer is over, we are all still looking forward to relishing varieties of cocktails and beverages. Alcoholic beverages and health may sound confusing to you. Yet, if you choose a wiser set of mixers and toppings for your drinks, you can turn them into much healthier options. The beverages listed below are categorized as healthy drinks in terms of calorie density, inclusion of fruits and vegetables, sugar levels, antioxidant properties and of course, flavor.


  1. Champagne: Rich in antioxidants, prefer drinking it plain rather than in sugar-loaded champagne cocktails.
  2. Vodka soda: Regarded as one of the most low-cal alcohol beverages.
  3. Michelada: Combination of lime, Valentina hot sauce, lager, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and sea salt. Low calorie and gourmet.
  4. Manhattan: Mixture of bourbon, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters and regarded one of the healthiest and tastiest cocktails.
  5. White and red wine: Those from drier varieties have less calories. Prefer red wine and rose if you are aiming for high doses of antioxidants found in the red color.
  6. Bocce ball: Orange juice and amaretto with healthy benefits of vitamin C, especially if the juice comes from fresh produce.
  7. Apple or Pear Ciders: A combo of magic and unicorn kisses; it is made from whole-grain ingredients and contains high nutrition value with their added B complex vitamins.
  8. Bloody Mary: Blend of tomato juice, a bit of vodka, horseradish, tabasco, celery, a pinch of salt, and pepper. This beverage is rich in vitamin A and many antioxidants while, tomato puree itself plays a huge anti-cancer role.
  9. Mojito: Add a hint of honey instead of brown sugar to make it a more nutritional drink.
  10. Martini: By choosing healthy mixers, this beverage is a prime source of antioxidants in terms of lemon twist and olive toppings.


If you are a weight watcher, then choose your drinks wisely. The key to healthy beverages is that they keep your body hydrated and provide maximized nutritional value at the same time. Grab flavorsome and heathy alcohol beverages with your friends and never again worry about your weight or nutritional intake of the day.


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