The most common diet questions

In addition to the previous article as for the answers to the most common questions related to healthy diet, you will find below other useful information.

How can I get rid of the persistent body fat around the tummy?

You have to try and add some vegetables with every meal you have.It sounds very simple, but in reality vegetables help you feel contempt for longer time period. When people can concentrate on the consumption of vegetables, they tend to eat less from all the fatty snacks and foods. This results in losing additional weight. This is a very simple, but very efficient way to decrease the body fat that gathers around your tammy.

Should I skip breakfast in order to lose more weight?

Under no circumstances, skipping breakfast will help you lose weight. Very often, skipping breakfast will lead to a larger meal afterwards. For those that breakfast isn’t their favorite meal of the day, they tend to skip it and take these calories over dinner. If you try to eat breakfast one day and skip it the next, you will see that your body will crave for it. Therefore, it is crucial to add some breakfast options to your daily routine.

Which are some healthy and easy snacks?

Every snack must contain less than 200 calories and include natural fibers, healthy fats and protein. You can add some nuts, low fat cheese, a fruit, and fiber bread with an addition of almond butter or a salad.

Will a gluten free diet help me lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight, then a gluten free diet might help you, only if you manage to decrease the amount of calories you take. However, there are many gluten free products that are rich in calories and have a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is not wise to believe that just because they do not contain gluten they are better to eat than others. This is why, you need to always keep in mind the amount of calories that you take on a daily basis.

It is very common to feel hungry before I go to sleep. Should I eat something or I have to go to sleep hungry?

It is very important to learn to listen to your body. Assuming that the snack you are going to eat is not high in calories you can eat something. Pay attention to your hunger and the symptoms you are developing. Watch out for stomachache, tremble or dizziness. This way, you can make sure that you are eating because you are truly hungry. There are some great snack options for light at night that are rich in protein or in natural fibers. You can eat some almonds, nuts, a nonfat yogurt or some coconut milk with berries. Some Chia seeds, one slice of turkey with cream cheese and some tomato or cucumber. As a general rule, try to add some flavor without adding on the fats.

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If you want to lose the quarantine weight fast, it is important to understand that the first 2-3 kilos may be lost in a short time after you start paying attention to your diet, but in order to continue having positive and healthy results, you should try to focus on a balanced diet that will improve your metabolism, body composition and your overall well-being in a realistic and sustainable way.

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