The Truth About Carbohydrates

There are a lot of articles, from health bloggers to doctors who claim that eating carbohydrates after a specific time will prevent you from shedding the excessive weight. This is the reason why many diets exclude carbohydrates from dinner or any meal past 4 pm. The purpose of this article is to distinguish the truth and the urban legend behind carbs.

The truth is that our body is smarter than one might think. It has the ability to adopt quickly and get the best out of each meal that we provide it with. It is important to know that our body has a stronger sense of what we eat during the whole week or month, rather than what we consume during a specific time period in a specific day.

Monitoring the time of every meal is mostly important to athletes that usually control the carbs they are eating. Therefore this does not necessarily mean that there is a general truth that we should all follow.

In order to debunk this state, we have to better understand how our body works. Studies have shown that the time of day does not influence the rate of insulin that our body releases, in order to comprise carbohydrates.  Cortisol is in higher levels during the morning hours, however when the insulin is elevated it comes out to grab the glucose from a carbohydrate meal. Cortisol enhances the insulin’s effects to store fat. Therefore, if someone had carbs with the evening meal there is absolutely no problem to gain fat, as there is a high advantage to tap into fat loss with the presence of cortisol and insulin.

Your body is mostly interested in the entire intake over the course of a day, rather than the specific hour that you consumed one and only meal. This is why in order to be able to lose the unwanted weight or retain your figure is to find what works for your body and your specific human system. When it comes to weight loss and healthy diet there are no general truths that you should follow. There is only the truth your body is telling you. All you have to do is listen carefully and with the guidance of a specialist make your own rules and habits that best suit your needs.

In case you do not know the patterns of your body, your dietitian will provide you with all the necessary tips so you are ready to go.

If you are not a fan of broccoli you can make it with some cheese and a quinoa pilaf and enjoy it as a dinner. You can also enjoy a Moroccan style quinoa dish with stuffed red peppers. You can also prepare some corn muffins. Alternatively in case your free time is very limited you can have a brown rice miso bowl. There are a lot of ways to enjoy carbs without any remorse. You just have to find your own special way!

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