Weight Loss: Of course Calories DO Count!

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For a long time now, diet books have been pressing us to count carbs and fat.
However, what about counting calories?

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Do they simply not matter anymore? The answer is no. No matter what diet you go with, calorie counting and cutting are at the heart of success!

Think about all those carb diets. What you are actually cutting out are refined carbohydrates. Why are they the “bad guys”? It is because they are mainly made up of sugar. But why does sugar cause you to gain weight? Because you are taking in too much calories! Instead of carb cutting all the way, separate the good ones from the bad ones. The good carbs have less calories and this will help you lose weight without losing them entirely. The bottom line is that the more calories you eat, the more weight you will gain. Any weight loss plan that is successful will include counting your calories and taking in just what you need to stay healthy and functioning.

While the key to weight loss is calorie count, there is something very important that is overlooked by the majority of dieters. Cutting calories is good when you are trying to meet your weight loss goals, but if you cut them too low you can also cause weight gain. This is a phenomenon known as the starvation mode. It happens when your body holds onto calories to use later on because your brain is telling your body that it is starving. Not only will this cause weight gain, it is also something that can cause some serious damage to your body and overall health. The bottom line is that while counting calories is an important part of dieting and weight loss, you should never go on a diet that leaves you with less than 1200 calories per day unless otherwise directed to by your health care professional.

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