Why Is It More difficult to lose weight nowadays?

Why Is It More difficult to lose weight nowadays

Recent research confirms what many of us have realized, that it is much more difficult in the modern times to lose weight and maintain our ideal weight, compared to a few decades ago.
The reasons are many and have to do with the current living conditions, artificial sweeteners, the amount of meat we eat, the quality of sleep, etc. According to a survey conducted by York University with thousands of participants, the weight and physical activity ratios are relentless. A person who consumes and burns the same calories (with similar nutrient distribution such as protein and carbohydrates) in 2008 weighed 10% more than he would weigh back in 1988. The findings are shocking and reflect the huge changes that have taken place in today’s society we live in.
Fortunately, there are solutions and therefore we have to turn to the adoption of the right habits for our everyday diet. Only in this way, we will overcome any problem that arises in relation to modern lifestyle. Let’s see how we can do this:

• It is necessary to avoid as much as possible any exposure to industrial compounds and chemicals in foods that might cause hormonal disruptions. Such substances may exist in canned foods and several packed snacks. Therefore, it is wise to avoid such foods and start consuming more natural, less processed foods. There is nothing better than using fresh vegetables and fruits in our daily diet.  • Undoubtedly, any medication you use, was prescribed to you for a reason. However, many times the medication we use can cause unpleasant effects on our body. If you ever notice that a specific medication causes unexplained weight gain and a feeling of swelling, it is advisable to discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible.

• Take care of your intestinal health by eating probiotic-rich foods. For example, natural greek yogurt or certain yogurts that are supplemented with probiotics, dietary supplements and kefir can work wonders in the proper function of the intestines.

• Avoid artificial sweeteners. Although they contain no calories, they can easily confuse your body and cause an explosion in your blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is very important to learn to live without sweeteners. Gradually, you can start enjoying your drinks without adding any sweeteners and sugar. You will appreciate their taste more with time!

• Sleep more and better. It is not too much to sleep at least 8 hours a day, so our body can only recover and recover its lost energy. In addition, the lack of evening sleep has been proven to prevent weight loss and sabotage the loss of weight. Give yourself a quality sleep and you will notice its benefits immediately.


A lot of things have changed over the last decades and the truth is that remaining at a standard weight today is far more difficult than ever. However, this does not mean that our goal is unfeasible. By trying a little bit more and paying attention to the small details that can make the difference, we will be able to get to our ideal weight and maintain it in the long run.

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