You work out, but you don’t lose weight? Here is what you are doing wrong!

You work out, but you don’t lose weight? Here is what you are doing wrong!

Do you exercise daily, but still do not see the results you want? Your body weight remains the same although you are losing calories through regular exercise? You got tired of getting on the scales and seeing no result? Do not be discouraged.

There is a way to combine a proper diet and regular exercise in order to reach your ideal weight, the weight that suits your body type. Easily, steady and healthy.

What we often forget is the fact that muscles weight more than fat. So, if we build our body and increase muscle tissue, it makes sense not to see a noticeable change in our weight. Instead, we will be able to observe the change on our body.  A sculptured body is more presentable than a body full of fat.

But, is this the only reason of not seeing any reduction in our kilos, despite our strenuous exercise? Let’s take a look below:

What Prevents Weight Loss

Another fact that should not be forgotten is the specificity of our body. Since we are not machines, we are not operating predetermined. So we cannot be sure about the weight loss that hourly aerobic exercise will offer. Everyone’s body works differently. This differs by several factors, such as hormones and the thyroid gland, metabolism and heredity.

Moreover, intense exercise increases the feeling of hunger. It is of course, very normal for such an increase of the body workouts, but not very helpful in losing weight. Therefore, before we complain about the stability of our kilos, let’s think about what we have consumed first.

How to Speed up Weight Loss?

So far, we have learned the reasons why we do not lose as much weight as we would like through exercise. Now,  let’s see how we will reinforce our efforts and we will ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Control your breathing. The deeper you breathe, the more calories you lose during exercise.
  • Be careful during exercise. If you think that with 10 minutes of walking, you lose many calories, you should reconsider. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise in order to achieve proper fat burning. The good news is that intense exercise is not necessary for all people.
  • Start a correct, healthy diet plan to lose weight and forget the typical phrase: “I exercise so I can eat whatever I want.” Science has shown many times that without proper nutrition, it is not possible to lose weight.
  • Set realistic goals. Depending on your body type, the weight loss may prove difficult. If you have increased muscle mass, you must realize that you will never look like lingerie models – and this is not so bad if you think that a toned body is extremely attractive!

Always remember that proper nutrition and regular exercise are your most important weapons in order to reach and maintain an ideal weight for you. Do not be discouraged from ephemeral changes that you may notice. Moreover, there are several reasons that might be responsible for this. For example, fluid retention and constipation are usual suspects the apparent weight gain. Do not panic and make sure you eat properly. At the same time, getting enough water and exercise daily will reveal the results you are looking for without spending a fortune.


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