Your Healthy Guide to Eating Out

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Are you going to be eating out this week, but with concern as to how you will keep your healthy eating regime you just began? There is no need to feel anxiety about this, or even give up on what you have just started for one night of indulgence. It is easy enough to eat out and enjoy the company as well as the food, without over indulging and without having to do the prep or the cleaning.

More and more, as people are becoming health conscious, restaurants are offering healthy or low fat options on their menus. They will either be pointed out in some way, or even labeled as “light meals”. Scan the menu for these options and if you haven’t found anything “healthy” or that meets your standards, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

If some restaurants have not changed their menus to incorporate some healthier alternatives, they will more than likely be able to alter your meal in some way, to make it less unhealthy. With weight watching and healthy eating being on the rise, you will not be the first, or the last, asking to hold the lemon butter, to grill instead of deep fry or swap the chips for some steamed veggies. If you are health conscious or just started with this, you know what you should eat and what you should not, so try following this to the best of your ability when eating out. Don’t allow others meals and orders sway your choice. Even order first, if you feel this will be a problem.

The first thing you do when eating out, is ordering a drink. Try to steer clear from alcohol or those sugar filled sodas and cocktails. Instead, order either a still or sparkling water, maybe with some lemon for taste, which will fill you, helping you to not overindulge.

The next step is to hold the table bread. As amazing as it smells, this will add unneeded calories to your meal. While you wait for your meal, a light starter, such as soup or salad will be a great alternative to bread. This will also add great fiber, as well as fill you so you don’t over eat.

When your meal arrives, it will most probably be double the portion as you would normally eat and if not double, still a larger portion than usual. Always start with the vegetables or the salad. This will again, fill you up with low fat nutrients and substance, before moving to the rest. If you are hungry, there is no harm in eating most of it, especially if it is a healthy option, but try not to finish everything on your plate if you are already full.

Try talking during each bite, chew properly (always!), cut your meal into smaller portions and take smaller bites.

As for the end of the evening which is always “a problem” (when the dessert menus are brought to the table) here’s the solution: If the rest of the people at the table do not order dessert, that’s a bonus, because you won’t feel the urge to. But if they do, this is where the will power comes into play.

After a starter and a main meal, there is no need to add a third course, but if you must, again try scan gone menu for a healthy option. Fruit salad is always great, but without the cream or ice cream. If there is nothing that seems to be light, rather order a tea and a small cookie, so you have something to sip on and chew on while the rest are indulging.

Eating out is not a problem. It is the ultimate way to relax, enjoy and indulge in superb food while being out with family or friends, as long as you are conscious of the choices you make. You know what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s healthy and what’s not. Follow these few steps and you will leave feeling satisfied without having swayed too much from your healthy eating regime.

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